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In today's world, most people recognize the name "Bigfoot". The association of this common tag is usually of a tall, hairy, upright, bipedal, humanoid/ape like creature that has...big feet.

There is a wide spread of custom names that has also been merited to this creature as well, however within the state of Indiana the preferred title is "Bigfoot".

What these creatures are exactly, is not entirely known.  Some people believe this ape like creature may be a descendant of the gigantopithecus that may have went extincted three-hundred thousand years ago. 


Picture above: Boonville, Indiana August 1937 

In the state of Indiana there have been hundreds of reports of Bigfoot sightings. Some of these sightings date back before the term "Bigfoot" was even thought up. In the early 1930's reports were referred to as "Wildman" sightings. 

Much of what is reported today was being reported back then including the howls and screams that are   often associated with sightings.

Some areas of Indiana are common sighting grounds of this elusive creature. These areas includes Brown County, Bartholomew County, Jennings County, Monroe County, Lawrence County, Jefferson County, Scott County, Orange County and Vigo County. 

But don't be alarmed if you did not see your county listed...Bigfoot sightings have been reported in 51 counties out of the 92 counties in Indiana. These are just the "accounted for" reports. There are probably hundreds of sightings that are not reported. 

The spring and the fall is considered the most active time for these creatures and this is when sightings are most likely to be reported...however they are often spotted in mid summer and even in the winter months as well.  

 The Southern part of the state has had more reported sightings than the northern part. This stands for good reason for the southern part of Indiana is known for it's forestry area such as the Hoosier National Forest. 

Picture above: Jackson County, Indiana December 2013 

 Many people believe in the theory that these creatures migrate. Some people believe that these creatures are an undiscovered species. Some believe they may be an ancestor or cousin to the homosapien. Others believe that maybe these creatures slip in and out of our dimension into a parallel world. Then there is also the theory that these creatures could be aliens. 

The fact one knows what these creatures are or know where they come from. 

Some people don't believe that there is such a creature. If this was the case, then how would one explain thousands of eyewitness worldwide, of all walks of life, who have claimed to have seen these creatures? Many eyewitness have stated, "I didn't believe in such a thing until I seen it with my own eyes." 

To help get a better understanding of what these creatures are and where do they come from... it is important for eyewitness to come forward and to share their encounter. By sharing the details of the encounter helps researchers get a better understanding and getting us one step closer to solving the riddle. 

If you have witnessed one of these creatures or know someone who has... please share the encounter with us.


Picture above: Vernon, Indiana 2012 

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Thank you 

Chris McDaniel of Creepy Legends

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