Names of the people submitting reports will remain anonymous 

 Jefferson County- Jefferson Proving Ground Testing Facility (December 8, 2015):  The time was 11:40 AM.  Location: Driving South on Rt.421 near the Jefferson Proving Ground testing facility going to Madison Indiana from Versailles Indiana. I saw an up-right creature walk, left to right and cross the road approximately 1 mile ahead of me. I realize it must have been very big to be able to see this from approximately 1 mile away. My speed was 60 mph, and took about 1 minute to arrive at where I thought I had seen this thing cross the road. I slowed, almost stopped in the road, there was no traffic either heading north or south at the time I witnessed this, however there were no signs of anything being disturbed or nothing visible. The weather at the time was 52 degrees and partly cloudy with at least 1 to 1 1`/2 mile visibility I must admit, at first I thought I just imagined this, however I know what I!!

  Holton —Big Oaks Wildlife Refuge (October 2015):  Not sure about Bigfoot existing as are most people, but I had the strangest experience while hunting last month. It was the first archery hunting at Big Oaks near Madison, Indiana. I was hunting with my son who's an avid believer and watches television shows about it all the time. We were in section 10 on the northwest side of the lake and it was still dark, just approaching daylight. We heard the loudest screaming sound ever. It made three loud calls and the woods just exploded with noise from all the birds. I honestly thought it was a monkey at first but after talking with my father he said it was a peacock. The only issue I have with that is the section I was in was too deep to be able to hear a peacock on a farm nearby. Not sure if they make sounds like this, but we were definitely freaked out after hearing it. I have listened to bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, and peacocks sound clips since and it sounds closest to a peacock.

Morgan Monroe State Forest (October 2015):  I've been pretty shaken up since this encounter happened, but I would like to share my story. Myself and two other people decided to go out on an evening deer hunt at Morgan Monroe Forest. The encounter was on October 10th, 2015. The three of us decided to hunt near each other, but spread out separately. It was nearing the end of my hunt, and I decided (since I'm not extremely comfortable in the woods alone in the dark) that I would go ahead and head back to the truck, maybe 10 mins just before dark. It was a quiet night, didnt hear any movement, not even the annoying squirrels. I was sitting on the ground since I didn't bring a stand with me and I figured I would get up out of my spot (I was very well hidden) and slowly stalk out of there hoping to spook a deer. 

No sooner as I stood up and took about 3 steps, I heard a sound that still haunts me to this day. It was the loudest howl I have ever heard. And I have grown up in the woods, I've heard numerous animal noises including the crazy coyotes and this was not a coyote. It was almost as if I spooked what I believe was indeed a Bigfoot and he was letting me know that was his territory. Or maybe I startled him? It was so close to me, as if he had no clue that I was even sitting there the entire time. I immediately took off at a dead sprint back to the main trail (with my bow in hand) that took me back to the vehicle. Out of breath and screaming for the two others with me, you would have thought I was running from the boogeyman. The howl or scream, whatever it was doing, was almost as if it tried to scare me out of there. I was a good ways back into the dense woods and I heard the howls repeat themselves until I was well out of sight from it. It would howl, wait a couple seconds then do it again. It was so loud my friends heard it well across the next ridge over from me. 

I'll never forget that sound and it's hard to convince anyone who has never encountered what I did that night, but it definitely scared the sh*t out of all of us. I've followed Bigfoot shows and videos for a while and I when I heard it, I immediately recognized the sound I've heard on many Bigfoot encounter audio recordings. To make sure I wasn't mistaken, I got on the computer that night and sure enough the sound I heard was almost identical to every other Bigfoot audio on the net. Crazy stuff. I'll definitely think twice before heading back into the forest. Thanks.


 Morgan- Monroe State Forest (Sept 15 2015):  We were camping overnight, deep off of a trail in Morgan-Monroe woods in Indiana. We were awaken at 3 a.m by a loud whoop then something entered out campsite and started going through our pans that that we had cooked our steaks with. The pans were hanging high on a tree . This was definitely not a raccoon or a deer and we don't have bears. Nothing i know of makes that noise. I was too afraid to turn on a light to go look. 

  Sullivan County (April 2015):  These creatures either migrate, travel or they hibernate and remain well hidden for the winter!  We live in Merom, Indiana, near Wabash River.  The woods across from us, so we have heard, has caverns or caves.  We have encounters with these creatures in the Spring and in the Fall.

  Last year my husband  seen one of these creatures. It was taller than him, and he is 6 ft. In the dark. a huge figure stood in our yard, — it took two steps and was gone out of site.  He came running in, we ran out front to hear it barreling through the woods.  We have a lot of nut trees around and have squirrels. Occasionally the wind will blow and cause the nuts to fall from the trees.  However— we have had nuts hurled straight at us.  There is a lot of animal activity, but we know the area animals, and how they sound.  There has been some weird sounds at night.  We have seen big shadows moving about in the yard.  

   All activity seemed to stop after the Fall.  Now that it's Spring time again, it's starting back up. Last night— there were four sets of eyes spaced out in the woods. Too high up for it to be deer.  My husband and son shined a light in that direction.  One seemed to be a small one, all blackish in color.  One of the tall ones lean out from behind a tree and then moved back.  We seen it several times.  My husband went to get the car to shine the headlights in that direction.  As soon as my husband started the car, my son yelled out.  The small one stood up and they all backed off, as you could hear brush cracking.  My son said "oh I seen its figure, it is bigger than me."  My son is an eighth grader, but he is as tall as his dad.  It was dark, and my husband angled the car to shine the headlights in that direction but it was too late, they had moved back into the heavy brush.  

Our dog seemed very nervous.  He did not bark with us standing out there with him. He  just stood there looking.  Any other animals, except our cats, he barks like crazy.  Immediately when we went in though, he barked and continued all night.

Jefferson County (July 2014): A couple was driving near Madison, Indiana when they noticed the car in front of them quickly hit their brakes. The couple quickly hit their brakes to avoid causing an accident. They then witnessed a large dark bipedal creature crossing the road in front of the stopped car. The creature climbed an embankment and quickly disappeared into a forest area.  

 Vigo County (July 10, 2014): (Female) I was at my father's house on July 10th of this year and was outside doing yard work when everything went silent. I then hear 4 roars at different intervals, not something I have ever heard in my 40 plus years of living out there. My Hair on the back of my neck was raised and I was very frightened! My father lives in Southern Vigo County.

Martinsville (June 2014) : Man who would get up early for work around 3:00 AM would hear a strange deep scream that would echo through out the area. "It was like nothing I had ever heard before. My wife heard it too. We heard it several mornings straight in a row. It was very scary to hear. Deep within our hearts we believe we was hearing a Bigfoot".  

 Putnam County (Spring 2014): There is a nature park in Putnam county Indiana. The park is called fortune woods I've been going there for years hiking. it is very hilly and the big walnut creek flows thru the center of the park. 

My girlfriend my friend and I was out hiking we have a spot way back in the woods we all hang out at we hung out there for awhile until it got dark I had a backpack full of supplies and a flashlight so we didn't care it was dark in the middle of the woods. I have heard strange screams come from the woods at night before but I wasn't at all scared to be out there at night I knew the layout of the land very well as I have hiked about everywhere out there , anyway — to our encounter. 

We were on our way back to the truck its about a 30 minute hike from were we were at there are 2 ravines we have to cross on our hike we got about to the first one when we were stopped cold in our tracks right in front of us a very loud thud on a tree sounded like a rock had been thrown at us but hit the tree in front of us. We stopped and became silent and stood and listened we heard branches snapping down the hill in front of us and then it got silent. I led the group around the hill instead of going down and back up. When we were halfway thru walking around the hill we heard very loud breaking of limbs to the left of us down the ravine. I shined my flashlight and we couldn't believe what we saw a very broad tall hairy creature rising slowly from behind a downed tree it stared at us for a second turned and ran down the hill we all clearly heard the heavy footsteps as it ran away. We were all frighten but intrigued I can remember my friend stuttering. What was that. I replied. I don't know but we have to get back to the truck. 

We started back for the truck with haste. The rest of the hike we believed it was following us. We kept having sticks and rocks thrown at us with such force bark was being knocked off the trees the projectiles were hitting. It was strange and scary we got back to the truck and I went over to my brother in laws. And told him of our occurrence. He is very skeptical. But I insisted we form a group and go back and check it out. For the next 3 months we would get our friends together every weekend and go back there stay till midnight or later and then make the walk back. For the first month we did that we had the same thing happen rocks and limbs thrown at us all thru the night. 

We found tree limbs throughout the woods placed in the form of an X. Movement that would circle us thru the night as we sat at our hangout spot we have seen the projectiles fly over our heads and land beside us. Sticks that had mud and decay on them that wouldn't of fell from a tree and rocks from golf ball size to rip wrap size that were thrown at us. Its hard to really put it into perspective what was going on thru writing but it was so interesting I always had to go back even though I was scared and so was everybody that went. We began to believe there was something out there and we was in its territory and the thrown objects was to fend us away. We had 2 vocalizations 2 different nights like nothing we ever heard I have made a match to a Bigfoot sight with different vocalizations that was assumed to be a Bigfoot. For 3 months we went out there and the occurrences got to be nonexistent. We believed it got tired of us and moved to some other part of the woods. I and everybody that has went out there believe something is out there only three of us saw it. But I believe it was a Bigfoot.


New Castle (2011):  Hello Sirs, I've seen a Bigfoot, Sasquatch, he looked like the hunch back of Notre Dame. Light brown hair carrying a stick with something tied to it. Very big, close to New Castle state mental grounds walking through fast. 

  Delphi (October 2000):  I was going to a friends house before you get to Delphi in. This creature was tall hairy an ran across the road I almost hit it. I told my friend an he told me he believed me cause a neighbor had a footprint he covered over with an old tub so it won't get destroyed. This area is wooded and houses are spaced apart . The road was Towpath Rd.  This is worth checking out.

Madison (Summer 1994):  I was in a car that stopped for a moment because of something strange behind us (looked like car lights coming from the woods). After a few moments of the car stopped I looked to the passenger side towards a field. That is when I saw a large hairy figure walking towards us. In a moment it was right on top of us and looking through the back window straight at me. It hit the trunk of the car with a thud. I screamed and the driver took off not knowing exactly what happened. I saw the creature run off into the field never to be seen again as we drove off to get away. I was the only person to observe directly what happened but the other 2 passengers felt the car shake and thought they saw a person moving but couldn't describe to the same level of detail. We got pulled over by a local police officer when we got to city streets and were still driving faster than we needed to be. When he realized how scared we were he allowed us to leave with just a warning. 

  Sullivan County (1993):  Near Red Bird Mine in Dugger , Indiana.  My oldest son and I had spent the night  at  my mother's house cause I had recently went through a divorced.  One night it  was storming bad outside.  We were in a bedroom  watching TV.  The storm got so bad we had to turn off the TV,  for it was just static. We were laying there talking .  A  loud crack of thunder and lightning hit. .  It startled us and we both looked to the window.   Another flash of lighting hit and there it was— plain as day staring in at us.  A large creature.  Once the lightning hit again it was gone.  I think we were both stunned at what just happened.  I looked at my son and he looked at me.  I was afraid to say anything for I was concerned I would scare him, but he looked at me and said, " Mom did you see that? "  I said ya.... what did u see.  He said, " I seen a face."   I  admitted to him that I too had seen it.. We both ran screaming to the other end of the house to my step dad and moms room.  Of course, they thought we were nuts.  

The face, body build and everything was clear to see.  The fur was a dirty white color.  It did not have any hair on it's face.  It's hair fell back away from it's face.  The eyes I will never forget.  They were like a yellowish red, not  like human eyes, absolutely animal style eyes.  The body was massive.  From my window the ground slopes down.  It's face was at the top of the window, and seemed to slouched down looking in.  This means he was between 10 and 11 foot tall.  Creeps me out to this day.  Chills just telling you.  Anyway, if you have ever seen the old Planet of the Apes movies and are familiar with the chimp, the old guy with the light colored hair, although this thing was massive, and scarier looking, it had a similar appearance. 

Carroll County (1992):  In the late summer, early fall of 1992, I was out with my boyfriend and other friends. We were driving along what we refer to as "the wildcat bottoms." I was in the front of the truck with my boyfriend, and 2 friends in the bed. We were driving up the small hill in Carroll county. The road was above a hill that lead to an open field. It was a clear night with a full moon. We had a spotlight out just messing around, and had it shinning down the hill. All 4 of us had seen the same thing. It was about 7ft tall, with longer Harry arms, dark hair all over, running along the edge of the field keeping up with the truck. It didn't take long for the 2 in the back to make it to the front through a sliding window. We went back out the next night, but didn't see anything.


Ripley County (1975) Family would hear loud strange screams during the night. They would smell a foul odor similar to the scent of a skunk but much stronger. Foot prints were found in the snow. Tracks were 2 feet deep with a large stride.  From the submission: "Another time some friends were out in back of their house in the woods. It was below zero, and they were playing music and having a good time. They heard footsteps, come up to their shack, they thought it was a friend so they yelled to come on in as it was extremely cold outside. But got no answer, then they heard the footsteps circle their shack then finally walk away."

Franklin County (1975)  Submission: " friend who lives in rural Franklin county said, he and a friend decided to shoot a high powered rifle at a car that was flipped on it's side. He shot at it and a tall person stood up, well over the car, he yelled and said that the guy better get away from the car, as they were shooting at it. As the stranger ambled off, he realized that it was no man. Another time he said that his German Sheppard was barking at the woods across from his house. So he went and got his gun and told his dog to go get him, figuring it was probably a coon or some kind of critter. He said his dog was bad and wasn't scared of anything. He followed it up into a trail through some brush into the woods, and suddenly his dog met him on the trail with its tail tucked and headed for home. He said anything that could scare his dog that bad, he wasn't sticking around to see what it was, and followed close behind. And his last story he said was he was at home late at night, when he heard his trash cans banging around. he got his gun figuring it was a coon, as he peered out his window he saw a large shape going through his garbage can. Then he heard a noise next to him in the dark, and it was his dad who said he'd been watching this creature for awhile, they did not  make any noise and watched the creature for a while before it finally walked away."

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